Raimiti is the fruit, the child, of a rather crazy dream

Raimiti is located on the opposite side of Fakarava from the airport. There is no road and the only way to reach the site is to take our “kau” boat from the airport or village.
During the 1 hour 30 minute trip inside the lagoon, you will feel yourself beginning to forget the “world” that you know as you are transported to the enchanting world of RAIMITI .

We follow the coast past the motu islets, beaches, coconut forests, and coral reefs. You will notice that the further we get from the village, the more untamed the scenery becomes.

Finally, we reach a pier seemingly in the middle of nowhere. This is where RAIMITI is hidden, between the lagoon and ocean, in the midst of a big coconut plantation.

Raimiti is the fruit, the child, of a rather crazy dream.
It became a reality due to a common vision. Our brainpower was put to a hard test, along with buckets of sweat and much advice given by the elders of the island.
There was also a lot of perseverance, self-sacrifice and an infinite dose of optimism !

Do you feel a call to pronounce words and phrases such as: let go, dream, contemplate, feel, admire, stretch out, laze around, and read ?

Then you are ready to give in to the caress of the trade wind that whispers through the coconut palms and rhythmically rocks the waters of the lagoon. With your head in the stars, you reach out and touch the moon with your fingertips.

During the seasons, it is not unusual to be able to contemplate :
• Humpback whales on the ocean side and sometimes even in the lagoon
• Manta rays dancing a ballet of love just a few meters from your terrace
• Schools of “carangues” (jackfish) swimming close to the beach, accompanied by dozens of sea birds

RAIMITI  can’t and doesn’t want to be inventoried like a catalog.
To preserve the effect of surprise and to discover the natural delight of this site, we voluntarily minimized and purified the vocabulary, explanations and descriptions concerning the pages on our bungalows, the restaurant and discovery activities.

The photos speak for themselves and should answer your questions.
Now you know enough about it, so please do not ask for more than to let the natural charm of RAIMITI work its spell. You will enjoy this pleasant discovery!

A bar-restaurant and a lounge

A restaurant with a Polynesian atmosphere where a daily menu is served. Even though Raimiti is far from everything and provisioning is difficult, you will be seduced by the palette of the varied meals you will be served.
According to your desire of the moment, you can choose refreshing tropical cocktails as well as a selection of drinks, with or without alcohol. During special evenings you will have the occasion to enjoy your meal outdoors, served under fragrant “kahaia” trees.
The sound of the “pu” shell will announce that your meal is ready. You can join the host’s table or dine alone; it is important that you feel at ease, free and without any obligation.

A comfortable lounge on the lagoon where you can relax and enjoy the spectacular sunsets.


The word EXCURSION is not a part of our vocabulary.
Every day, according to your desires and the weather, we shall suggest how you can live a “Paumotu” moment with us.
Alone or with us, there is always something to do, to see, to discover, and to share.
Time always passes too fast on Raimiti.