We have

Do you accept people with a food allergy?
Yes, for allergies proven, only if wa re notified at the time of the booking.

Do we have to pay for the daily “discovery” excursion?
No for the package all included on full board / Yes for the offer diving package

Do you prepare special dishes for certain diets?
No we are not a hotel with “à la carte” dishes but a family pension with a fixed menu, served to all our guests. We ask our clientele to adapt and eat as we do on remote islands. Food is an integral part of finding your destination. Thank you for your understanding.

Is there a possibility to scuba dive especially in the southern pass of Tumakohua at Tetamanu, while staying at Raimiti ?
Yes, with the Enata Fakarava Diving Center located in Raimiti; 2 other centers availabler near by.

Staying at Raimiti, is it possible to go diving at the North pass of Garuae?
No, we are too far.

Do you have a place to charge camera batteries?

What is the available voltage? Do you provide a transformeer or converter?
The current is 220 V, we do not have a power converter. Your electrical equipment (like the charger for a camera) will show that the possible voltage goes from 110 to 240 Volts you would just need then an adapter for french Plugs.

What type of plugs is used in French Polynesia?
French plugs with two round prongs. We do have some adapters but recommend you to bring your own or buy them in a general store in Papeete.

Is Raimiti private enough to enhoy nude sunbathing and snorkelling?
Yes, our large property is ideal for privacy.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes: Visa / MasterCard and American Express.

Is it possible to see whales?
Yes occasionally, in season in front of Raimiti

May we bring our own beberages to the dinning-room?
No, We are a licensed establishment.

What do your recommend we bring with us?
Reef walker shoes, flashlight, sunscreen, cap or wide-brimmed hat, underwater camera of housing for digital camera, after sun lotion and also books that you could leave behind after reading for any future guests.

What drinks are served at breakfast? Are they included?
Juice, tea, coffee and chocolate? Yes, they are included.

Do you provide free drinking water all day?

Is it easy to kayak?
Yes, we are not near the pass, so there is no current to carry you away to the ocean.

Is it possible to have access to dive equiment?
No, we do not rent or lend it, due to security in insurance responsability.

My partner is not good swimmer and he is fine in shallow water but would not be confortable if the water was over is head. Do you think it wold be a problem?
No, our drift snorkeling excursion in the pass is constantly supervised by our boat captain.

Can we get a direct flight from Moorea to Fakarava?
No. From Tahiti

Do you provide beach-towels? Hair drier? Reef shoes? Bath-towels ? Soap and lotions?
We do supply bath-towels and soap only.

Do you propose the Wifi connection?
Yes, in the communal areas. The connection is not free.

Is it possible to rent bicycle at Raimiti?
No, we are on a “motu” without road, so you can not ride a bicycle.

How many accommodation do you have?
5 fare Robinson with 1 qeen size bed,
1 Crusoe bungalow with 1 king size bed and 2 single beds.
3 Crusoe bungalow with 1 king size bed and 1 single bed

Do you organize fishing?
Yes: traditional, inside the lagoon or on the reef.

You said that you do not provide hair dryer, but can we bring our owne one?
Not, due to he high power of electricity needed (same for electic shaver). “One half hour walking on the reef and your hair will be dry in a natural way”.

Are the meals served on a single large table for all the guests seating together?
No each couple have their own table.

Do you have an ice making machine as found in the larger hotels?
No, we do not have an ice making machine. (The nearest one is two hours awat by canoe each way)

Can we eat our own catch from the fishing trip?
We will gladly prepare and cook your prize catch from the lagoon, (size permitting). Guppies will be offered to our resident seas birds tough.

Can we sleep three people in the Robinson fare?
No, only in the Crusoe bungalow.

Is it possible to practice Fly Fishing in Raimiti ?
Yes, the spot called “the moon” is appropriate because the water is always moving. It is also easy to walk or kayaking while fly fishing from Hirifa beach to another smal motu called “koka koka”; the places are quiet and we may catch bonefish, milkfish, bluejack, Trevally and some others locals species.

What are the hours of operations for the transfer boats?
The transfer operate to connect with the arrival and departure times of the Air Tahiti flights.
For safety reasons (operation within daylight for the 90 minute crossing of the lagoon) the boats operate within the following time frames:
Departure from Rotoava ( Airport of fakarava ) to raimiti between 09;00 Am and 05:00 Pm.
Departure from Raimiti to the airport between 07:00 Am and 03:00 Pm.

What would be the recommended minimum age for a child a staying with a family at Raimiti ?
The fact that Raimiti is located far away from the village and amenities ( doctor by example ) makes any consideration to travel there with an infant or young child (of less than 3 years old) a difficult one and is discouraged by the management.

Are the different bungalows equipped with Electricity ?
No, the guest can use the solar powered lights for the bathroom or enjoy the light of our petrol lamps.

 Do we have the choice between several day-trip-discovery proposals? Are these imposed?
No, only one excursion per day will be offered and you will be free to participate. It is in function: everyone’s desires and the weather. Boat trips are not guaranteed in case of bad conditions of airworthiness!